The history of Waterview Wharf Workshops

For thousands of years the foreshores of Sydney Harbour provided a place of shelter and the harbour itself, sustenance for the indigenous peoples


In 1882 the land was acquired and used as a sawmill until 1905 when the Adelaide Steamship Company purchase it to establish a ship repair yard for its coastal fleet.

Transport of goods and cargo between capital cities was by sea as road transport was virtually non-existent.

A large wharf was constructed to tie up vessels alongside the buildings so machinery could be removed to the various workshops.


Each workshop was occupied by a separate trade such as boilermakers, pattern makers, electricians and plumbers etc.

During the Second World War Waterview attained military significance as a potential target of Japanese bombs. The US military became involved, building the concrete driveway and a bomb shelter to store plans and ammunition’s.

With the decline in shipping during the1960s operations ceased and Waterview was passed through the hands of a number of developers for a variety of uses and creative activities that have continued until this day.


In 1984 Waterview Wharf Workshops Pty Ltd purchased the property with a view to conserve the buildings and continue the existing creative uses.